Daily Diary - 17th December 2017

Ya... I got to sleep in a little today. Well, that's not 100% accurate because I was still woken about 8am - however, after I'd done breakfasts and drinks, and the kids had finished - not so little Miss disappeared upstairs with her tablet while little Mr. lounged around on the sofa, watching TV and so I nodded off for a little while.. Well, 10 minute here and 10 minutes there all the way up until 9:30am... O yes...

It was a lazy day for sure

Today, other than me going off up to the local supermarket to get some veg and bits for lunch, it was a lazy day. Not so little Miss spend most of the day, up until lunch, chilling in her bedroom watching some TV, playing on her tablet. Little Mr. enjoyed some time downstairs playing, with the occasional run upstairs to destroy his room.

I managed to get the dinner cooked, washing up done, and even a bit of chilling on the laptop - well, writing this post as I went along anyhow.

The later afternoon was a little more active - it was my daughter's Karate club Christmas party - so not so little Miss and my wife went off to that for 7pm. Myself and little Mr. stayed home - it would be a little much for him, and it goes on until 10pm. Me and little Mr. just had a chilled evening before the bedtime fun...

And then it was bedtime

The bedtime routine. So, this evening little Mr. was tired, you could see it in the way he was rubbing his eyes and the occasional yawn. However, this was accompanied by a lot of active movement too - I could tell straight away that I was in for a fun and active bedtime routine.

So, we started at 7:30pm. I did the usual, take him upstairs, show him the bed card and said bedtime. This is the routine we have, to back up with a visual the word. Now... he does understand what we are saying, he climbs into bed, but then as soon as we walk out the door its rebel time - just like any young child really.

To be honest, I think I was as tired, if not more so than him. I was hoping for an easy night so I could rest. Eat my dinner, put my feet up and wait for my wife and not so little Miss to get home from their party. I think he sensed it... 🙂

For 3 hours I was playing the back and forth game. That's back and forth to his bedroom, if you didn't already realize that. Its all about a routine when putting him back to bed - you have to try and limit the interaction so that he doesn't feed of a particular word or action (where he can make a game of it).We have to use the visual card but at the same time limit the words and be consistent.

In the new year we have the first of a sleep clinic visit - so I will be looking forward to that. In the end, it was 10:30pm that he nodded off.. so I was thankful for that.

Tomorrow is start of week before Christmas

I'm glad that I only have 3 days of work this week, then nearly 2 weeks off... I need the rest.

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