Daily Diary - 16th January 2018

To think, I could have stayed in bed for another 10 minutes

Tuesday’s, not as bad as Mondays - but still not a Friday. Kind of sums up how I felt having to wake up 🙂

I came downstairs ready to start the breakfast demands of the kids, when I found little Mr eating some toast. Not so little Miss had made both her and her brother toast this morning. Normally she sits and asks, rather than do herself (as she is 9 she is perfectly able) but today she make them both… That put us both on high alert as to what she was after  🙂

It was really all about her tablet time, she had lost it for a few days. Anyhow, meant I could have had another 10 minutes in bed - never mind.

Kids off the school, me off to work

Soon it was time for the school run. My wife took little Mr while I did not so little Miss’s school walk (we don’t run, why does everyone run?). We will be swapping around tomorrow, but for today the same routine and it went nice and smooth. I shot off to work, didn’t get soaked today.

Work was work. Lasted 8 hours. Got stuff done. Came home.

Karate night; expensive

Had to meet my wife at the place our daughter does Karate. As she has gone up in grades she now has to do at least 2 days a week, 2 hours each time. Plus there are some weekend days and we have to pay for advanced courses, as well as other courses, so that she gains the skills needed for her next belt, which will be Brown. Its an expensive game - though, she loves it as much as I used to love doing Martial Arts - really must get back into them.

Its also good exercise, so thats another thing. I picked up little Mr, then headed home. When back, I had my dinner and he had his small supper. Time for a little play before bed.

That bedtime game again

After years of playing the bedtime game you’d have thought that, a. I’d be used to it and b. He’d be bored of it. No chance on that 🙂

He went up to be at 7:45pm, a time I thought he was tired. It was 9:30pm before he finally gave in on his game and nodded off. Gave me time to watch the first of season 2 of Taken on Amazon Prime - ya... Another day over.

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