Daily Diary - 16th February 2018

It’s  a sign of spring.

No work today - through early start

So, today I had the day booked off Ya. As it was the end of half term, I wanted to have at least one day. That said not so little Miss had a doctors appointment, nice and early, so that was the first thing to achieve.

So, woke up, did breakfast (same old routine). Got dressed. Then we all headed out to the docs. As little Mr doesn’t really like the docs, we went for a walk around. We walked around an older small cemetery, where we came across some Daffodils and Snow Drops. Surely a nice sign that Spring is on the way.

Daffs Are Out

Next, a nice cheeky Costa

After we were finished, we went off for a cheeky Costa. I’d not had my morning coffee today, so this seemed like a good excuse. The great thing is because we were quite early - we could have the toast for £1 too - so had a few of those - yum. Once done, it was back home to see what we could do for the day. Well, first it was to decide on where for lunch, then it was what to do after.

We decided to see how the flow took us

We decided that we couldn’t really decide. So, we jumped in the car and started to drive. First thing was to visit the big golden arches, the McD, that well-known burger place. Well, that was heaving to the point I though people would fall out - and a queue of cars that reminded me of my days driving along the M4 on the way to London.

So, that was a quick turn about. Next, we thought we’d continue on the same vector and pop for some pub grub at a place we like. That too was popping at the rafters. Geez, you’d have thought at around 1pm on a Friday that it would be a little quieter.

So, it was back in the car, and continued on the save vector. I like saying vector 🙂  I actually had a place in mind that was closer to Weymouth than Poole, so we continued driving until we got there. Well, it was much emptier. This may have been as its located a bit in the country - even though its on a main route. There were just several people in there eating so we order.

Damn, it was good food. Not too bad priced considering the portions you got. My wife had a light bite for example, and it was much bigger than some pubs I’ve seen with the main meals. My daughters pudding, well that was bigger than adult size puddings I’ve seen at any other place. Good food.

After that, we went for a drive

So, we finished up. As I had paid on order we didn’t have to wait around, so we went back to the car. We were thinking of popping to Corfe Castle, though we calculated that by the time we had got there, walked up, walked around, we wouldn’t really have much time there as we needed to get back for not so little Miss’s karate. So, we just went for a nice drive - something to rest and let the food go down.

Well, for everyone else as I was driving 🙂

We got back around 3:30pm in the end, so gave about an hour and half before things needed to start happening. We really just chilled out as we still had quite full bellies.

Then it was time for Karate and for me to give little Mr a bath. He is in a cheeky mood today, so the bath really didn’t take long - too much being silly in there. So, washed down, dried and dressed - ready.

Then not so little Miss came back and hand a late dinner - well lunch was so big. As little Mr had already had his at 5pm, he had a little supper. Then it was time for bed.

Bedtime for little Mr tonight was 8pm tonight - just after his sister came back and some super etc. It was 9.30pm when he finally nodded off. Phew, after the energy he had, it is peace peace peace. Till tomorrow

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