Daily Diary - 16th December 2017

The morning wakeup call...

Today's morning wake-up alarm consisted of little Mr. crawling over me. He decided he'd been up long enough, so it was time for me to get up and do his breakfast. The funny thing is, that, he doesn't do it to mom - it's just dad that has to wake up. So, crawled on, jumped on and all that kind of alarm call is what I get.

So, that was my start to the day - though I did get a big, beaming, smirky face looking at me at the same time. So, I got up (I did get to sleep until 8am today which is a luxury) and did the kids breakfast.

Breakfast done, lazy morning

After breakfast was done and eaten - we all had a bit of a lazy Saturday morning which was nice. It wasn't until nearly lunchtime that we headed out. Myself, little Mr and not so little Miss went over to the Bournemouth Aviation Museum for a spot of 'helping little Mr. get used to the space' and a view of the numerous small planes taking off and landing.

Not so little Miss also had a play on the MS Flight Sim 10 they have there. They have a build board cockpit where the screen is and a joystick - great fun for the kids and its free also... So always good.

Restful late afternoon too

When back, we popped into a 'kids favorite' fast food place (the one with the golden arches) and then home. I really enjoyed the festive burger mmm... The only task left for the day (well, there were others but we lazed around a little and so got a bit darker and wetter outside to do them) was to pop up to the local card shop, so that not so little Miss could pick up her Christmas cards to us. Task complete...

Little Mr. started to have a little meltdown

After we got back the kids and the wife were watching a little TV, then little Mr. started to look for something in his toy box - when he couldn't find it he started to have a little meltdown. As we all know, sometimes meltdowns can happen from any change - or from unable to do something they have set their mind on. So, it was time to take him out of the situation and put him into a bath - he enjoys his baths.

He soon calmed down while playing in the bath - so diversion successful. It's always good when you can ease them away from things such as a situation that is winding them up into a meltdown.

After a long day - it was time for bed

Amazingly the day went quite quick - although it was potentially a long day for little Mr as he was up early, did a few things including going out, came card hunting and then had his little meltdown and a bath. He'd done quite a bit really, considering and so we were hoping for an easy bedtime... Hoping...

Before the kids go to bed, they usually have supper. As it was a late big lunch today little Mr had some toast. Though for some reason, his lunch and then his late dinner (the toast), he took a long time eating - going back and forth to it. I'm not sure if he was full or just doing it to take his time. Needless to say, this was the start of a long bedtime routine... He was supposed to go up around 7-7:30 but he was still chomping down on toast. Note to self - if he's eaten later lunch - make sure he's eating quicker before giving him a few slices of toast for supper...

I should have known bedtime would be fun...

Yes, so bedtime took around 3 hours in total, well just under. I first put little Mr. to bed at 7:30pm and its just gone 10:15pm now and he is finally staying in bed and has just drifted on to sleep... It's tiring, its a battle, but we have to ensure our kids get enough sleep.

Now, just some tidying and I'll be ready to sleep 🙂 considering I was nodding off at 7pm.

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