Daily Diary - 16th April 2018

6am wake up call, ya...

Early to rise and all that

Yep - little Mr decided to get up early today. it was actually about 5:50am in the end that I had to get up and come downstairs to him - so close to 6am ya... Luckily he was playing on the sofa, so I stuck on some TV quiet and snoozed a little in the chair.

When he was hungry - he tugged on my arm so I did him some cereal and juice. Once finished he continued playing. It was an inset day for him today - so no school. Not so little Miss got ready for her first day back though - once ready we took her in.

Then I went to work...

Lunchtime meeting

My wife and little Mr met me for lunch. They had been to Adventure Wonderland today and apparently, towards the end before left, he started to play up a little. When I met them, he was still in that funny mood - though he was waiting for lunch. Once eaten he seemed to settle a little - though that may have been the fact he went out to the park behind where we ate.

I had to shoot back into work but he had seemed to cheer up.

Bath night

When I got home from work it was bath time for little Mr. As he is back at school tomorrow we thought we'd scrub him up. As I've said before though, bath time really gets him excited - sensory stimulation and all that. Once done he was being a bit of a pickle for sure. Causing lots of mischief.

After cleaning up for the umpteenth time, it was time for him to goto bed. Tonight bedtime was at 8:30pm (by the time he had worked out some energy) and he was asleep by 9pm. Bonus.

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