Daily Diary - 15th February 2018

Today was my Friday for this week.

Kick in the ribs say - wake up

So, 6am and suddenly little Mr decides to jump on our bed. We tried to get him to rest in between myself and my wife, he did that the other day and fell asleep - though it was earlier. Anyhow, after about 20 minutes and a few kicks in the ribs, I tried putting him back into his bed. That lasted about 10 minutes - so it was downstairs around 6:30am and little Mr’s breakfast.

I put a bit of TV on for him and i chilled out in the chair while he played. Sometimes it would be nice to have a rest in, and not have a kick in the ribs to wake me up...

Get ready and work

So, soon it was time to get ready for work. As I have tomorrow booked off, today was my Friday for this week. I had that thought in my head, though I have to say it was quite a busy day. I was also quite a nice day, weather-wise. I kept getting messages and pics from my wife and kids as they were out having fun. No fun for me though 🙂

Still, as it was so busy, and the fact that I got a great spot in the office today, time went reasonably quickly. Then it was home time and my week finished - ya.

Beans on toast it is then

So, I wake the 20 minutes to my car, drive home and I find out its beans on toast night. Basically, as they had been out most of the day - all meat etc was still in the freezer and no shopping, as they were out, so it was beans on toast. That’s why its always good to have a few tins of beans in the cupboard.

Once done, I started to plan a post I will be doing. Originally I was thinking tomorrow - but thinking more weekend or Monday. Basically, I wanted to give a quick 1 month of use review on a couple of headphones I got Christmas and January. But I won’t spoil it  🙂

It was just after 8pm when I took little Mr up to bed. I wanted to see if being up a little later, after his busy day and early start, would make him go to sleep quickly. Well, it was 9pm when he went to sleep so kind of worked.

Time for a coffee and chill 🙂 and an update or two on some training I am doing.

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