Daily Diary - 14th February 2018

What a truly awful day...

Ding, dong, wake up call

My morning started as it normally does - but being woken up by a young boy diving on my legs. Talk about a wake up call… He then sat there, on my legs for 5 or so minutes before getting off so we can go downstairs and do some breakfast.

So, down I went and did the kids their cereal and juice. Both started scoffing that down, then once finished, they both went their own way - not so little Miss back to her room and tablet and little Mr over to the sofa and his sensory toys.

Personally, I got ready for work. When I opened the blinds I saw what a truly awful day it looked, a theme that was going to continue through the day it seemed. Being on the South Coast we’ve missed the snow - we just get lots of cold wind and rain.

I ho, I ho, it's off to work I go

So, I got in my car and drove to where I park. It’s a 20-minute walk, so I wasn’t that impressed I can say. Was a little wet when i got in. Still, I had a busy day ahead of me so I would only half notice the soggy bits.

Lunchtime I did pop out down to the local Tesco, just to get out of the office. Not really much in there these days so didn’t take too long. I did check out one magazine, can’t believe they are like £5+ each - which made me look at kindle offering when back and decided to get a years subscription for £19.99 - much cheaper than buying in print. Also doesn’t just lie around after and take up space.

The afternoon went a little slower but work was soon over, and it was time for another wet and soggy walk to the car - ya...

Bath night

Got home just in time for little Mr’s bath. So, did that and got him ready. I left my wife to sort not so little Miss out as me and little Mr went back downstairs for that last hour of his play and calm down after the sensory excitement of bath.

After he had played for around an hour, it was time for his bed (I needed to have some time for doing some bits of learning and updating while my wife watched her numerous soaps). So, 7:30pm he went to bed. It was 9:45pm when he finally nodded off - being rather energetic and mischievous today.

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