Daily Diary - 14th December 2014

Today started well, mainly because it was a day I had off from work 🙂 Days off are always a good start to the day - you wake up, then realize 'No Work!'.

Of course, the day in front of me was a busy one so that good feeling was short-lived; well kind of.

Lunchtime was good

The great thing about having a day off is that, while the kids are at school, we (me and my wife) get to go out and have a bit of lunch. That was nice.

I also posted off a few items I sold on eBay, including my 13" MacBook Pro which I sold on - I want to get the 15" so now I can look on eBay for one.

Today was the school carol services

Its one of those things, both carol services fell on the same day at more or less the same time. So, my wife with to not so little Miss's carols while I went to little Mr's.

Now, we know little Mr has an issue with things like this, so we weren't expecting too much - at the moment he won't even attend the assemblies. Unfortunately what we thought would happen, happened. He didn't quite make it in.

That said, I think I will be suggesting that next time they try after the singing as started because, as we passed, he was looking to see where the singing was coming from. He loves singing and music.

Still, it was nice to try and not so little Miss's went well I heard.

We went out to see a street of lights

Not far around the corner from us, there is a street that many of the people that live there put up a load of Christmas lights and leave out charity boxes. We normally go round at least once every year, well every year we have lived here. Tonight was our night to go round - and it was fun. I have an image or two that I may share in another post. It was a better show that the town, I wrote a post on that.

Bedtime was a joy

Little Mr (and not so little Miss) went to bed nice and easy tonight. I did have a feeling that bedtime maybe a little more tricky with the upsets he had today - but it wasn't so that was a bonus. Gave us time to catch up on all the other things we had to do...

Here's to a good nights sleep 🙂

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