Daily Diary - 13th February 2018

Back to normal today.

Early wake-up call

Today it was back to normal, in that we were woken up early by little Mr climbing onto the bed and sitting on my legs or kicking under the sheets to wake us up and go downstairs to do his breakfast. He may be non-verbal but he knows how to communicate what he wants 🙂

So, I finally got out of bed about 7:15am in the end (there is a point where I can’t feel my legs anymore after a length of being sat on) and did breakfast and a cup of coffee for me. Today I had to shoot around the post office for 9am to post something before I went to work - so I actually got everything done and ready early. Go me!

Quite drive in

So, 9am I was waiting around outside the post office. I was thinking to myself that the traffic looked lighter today, yesterday was bad. Posted my item and went round to the car to drive in. It was lighter traffic - Ya.

Though not ya for work. Still, went to work, did the whole day thing. Can't go into it much, to be honest, don't want to recall it 🙂

Still, work finished and I came home, though the crappy traffic - they are doing many roadworks during this half term. Got back and watched dinner as my wife went to pick up not so little Miss from her Karate - O and little Mr was running around full of energy.

Which made it a little more difficult, as usual, at bedtime. I took him upstairs at 7:30pm and it was 9:30pm before he was finally fully asleep. Right, time to get some updates on my other sites done too.. Today is yet another day of no school and he is handling the change of routine not too bad...

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