Daily Diary - 12th February 2018

Today there was a third person in the bed.

Early wake, then sleep

This morning I got woke up about 4am as little Mr climbed onto our bed, luckily he decided to get between me and my wife under the blankets and fall back asleep - otherwise, it would have been an early wake-up.

In the end, we got up just after 7:30am. As it is half term there was no school run for me, so we got the kids ready and they had the breakfast - then I went off to work.

The usual stuff

For me, it was the usual stuff, Monday at work. I got the odd picture sent to me on messenger of my wife and kids out and about. They went shopping, out for a walk around the country park and a few other things.

I just sat in the office as normal - thinking why am I not there. Still, 5:30pm came around quicker than thought it would, I do like the fact that there is still some light at that time now.

Home, dinner, play and bed

So, I went home. Soon as I got back I had my dinner, then had some play time. After which I got little Mr changed and took him to bed at 7:30pm. Hoping that he would go to sleep early. It was only 8:15pm when he nodded off - may also have something to do with the new warm quilt we got today for him. Bonus - hoping tomorrow the same.

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I just wanted to say welcome to my site. I like to share a little of my life with you in the hopes that, if you are ever wandering about a question I have asked myself - I hoped to have shared my answer to that.

I also like to just share the positivies of life with a ASD child - to show there are many. So, please do reach out if you want to chate.

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