Daily Diary - 11th March 2018

I’d love a sleep-in…

Sunday and Mothers day

Well, we have arrived. The day of the week that we are mostly off, but the day where we know work is going to be happening the following day. Today, to also add to the usual Sunday fun, its Mothers day in the UK. So, not so little Miss wanted to make a card this year, and we bought some flowers (as it goes, two different bunches from 2 different places through the day) for my wife.

Before all that fun though, I got woke up around 7am again (I would love a sleep-in) and went downstairs to do breakfasts. Then I got to crash out in the armchair for 20 minutes or so. Then it was full on craft mode, helping my daughter with some of the bits of the card she wanted to make.

Even though we were up a little earlier, it was still a slower start to the day. Though, we did get out around 10:30am to do our Sunday shopping, partly so that we could get the items for our nice Sunday roast.

Children with flowers all over the place

As we were driving over to do the shopping, we kept seeing children walking with bunches of flowers. Its one of the few days in a year that they must do quite well on flower sales, this and Valentine. The mass convergence on the stores, looking for flowers.

To be fair, my daughter picked up a bunch last night to give to my wife. While we were shopping though, she wanted to pick up a second bunch to go with them. We probably spent around an hour going around the shops. The last aisle of which is the beer aisle, so I picked myself up a little IPA. Just something to go with my dinner. I don’t really drink too much, but sometimes I just like a single bottle.

Then it was pay, load up the car and go home, so we could have a lighter lunch. To be honest, with the wet weather (and with the fact we had the journey up to Reading yesterday) we didn’t really do too much after. I did take little Mr out for a short walk in the afternoon - just for a bit of air.

As I start cooking dinner around 3:30pm it really doesn’t give much time.

Bath then bed

After dinner, I ran little Mr his bath. He loves his bath as he gets lots of sensory stimulation from it. On the minus side, if done too close to bedtime it can mean he stays awake that little bit longer.

When the bath was complete, it was time to get him dressed, then let him play for an hour or so - just to calm down from the sensory input he had had. Bedtime tonight was 8:30pm for little Mr. A few games started, but he finally nodded off at 9:15pm. Time to finish up for the night...

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