Daily Diary - 10th March 2018

Today was a visit my wife mom day

Slept in till... 7:45am

Today, the plan was to drive up to Reading to see my wife's mom. We'd planned to do it a few times over the past 2 months, but illness, commitments (and snow the last time) had stopped us. So, today, we were determined to go.

I actually got a little bit of a lie in today, 7:45am which may not be much - but compared to the 6am and 5am days this week, it was great.

Got up, did the breakfasts. then got little Mr ready. Plan was to get out for 9am or so to drive up. We weren't that far off, to be honest, and at about 9:15am we started our drive the 80 miles or so.

Coffee stop

We had to stop at the first Motorway services, about 30 miles into the journey, so I decided to have a cheeky coffee. Quite nice to just stop for 10 minutes or so and do that.

Kids and my wife also had a drink, snack too for the kids.

Then it was back on the road again till we hit Reading. Quick stop off again for my wife to pick up some flowers and then on to KFC to take lunch too.

Restful afternoon

While at my mother in laws, we had quite a restful afternoon. I also introduced them to TV Streaming. I went and picked up a Now TV box, explaining how much cheaper it is that the subscription they were paying for.

And then it was 4pm and time to start back home again. I think the little snooze I had there also took away some of the time which is why the 4-5 hours seemed to go so fast.

Dinner, TV and bed

By the time we got back it was close to 6pm (around 5:45pm I reckon). So it was a dinner and bit of TV for little Mr. Then changed and he went up to bed at 7:45pm tonight - trying him.

The usual playing and games of in and out of his room - but he finally nodded off at 9:50pm. Phew.

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