Daily Diary - 10th April 2018

Little Mr certainly wanted to play this morning - he got early enough to.

Early to rise, no upside really

Early to rise and all that. I don’t really see the upside to that statement, though it’s one we go by daily here. So, got up, did breakfast for kids and we all got ready.

My wife took not so little Miss to her Karate camp / club and I went to work. My wife text me and said that she and not so little Mr then went swimming, so he was having fun too.

Not a happy chappy

Apparently, for the afternoon little Mr was not a happy chap. Not sure if it's because of the change from school routine, because not so little Miss came home or something else. He apparently played up most of the afternoon.

Still, I left for home just after 5pm and met them outside the karate hall - twice in one day for karate. He seemed to have cheered up a little by then.

We did a little shopping, then I brought him home.

When home, he played until just after 8:30pm, then it was time for bed. He didn't play up tonight about it and went straight up. He did play his 'try to run out of room' game a few times, but amazingly he stayed in for most of it. He nodded off around 9:15pm today.

He's had his ups and downs today - but change in routine always disruptive - for both of them.

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