All Back To School - 8th September 2020

So, yesterday was back to school for not so little Miss - first day in her secondary school. Though it was an induction day. Today is the first full day back at school for both the kids. So, starting to get back to a bit of normality. That said - now it's a get up at 6:30am as opposed to the last number of years around 7-7:30am. Fun changes now for the next 4-6 years.

That said, not so little Miss enjoyed her first day - after the nerves. Now it's continued learning on new subjects and a new way of school - which will change once the current pandemic allows it to go back to a more normal school day. All change. It's also a busy day for meetings today with a lot of my lunchtime taken...

Well that went quick

Amazingly it is now 11pm and the day just shot by. As I was saying earlier there was a lot of meetings. Kids came back from school and we didn't get updates (again) from not so little Miss. Prefers to talk to her friends from her previous school about their days. It's like - just give us something.

That was followed by Karate and then bedtime. Time to get serious about that with 6:30am wakeup calls.

Pretty boring day really... hoping for a little more to talk about tomorrow... But on that note, time to wind down and get some sleep myself - if little Mr will let me.

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