Daily Diary - 2nd April 2018

Today was drive home day...

Nice and early wake up call

Little Mr decided to wake up at 6am again today. Last morning of our long Easter break and he decides no sleep in... Get up and play time. So, got out of bed, got his quilt cover, put that over him on the sofa and gave him his treading beads. Turned on the TV, then went to lay back down on our bed - which has the door open so I can see him playing on the sofa. Having kids means you don't get sleep in's, well until they are teenagers it seems.

So, we got out of bed at around 7am, packed up lots of stuff (breakfast didn't start till 8am) and I took 2 loads up to the car ready. That only left one more load of the last few bits to take up which makes it nice and easy. Then it was time for our last lovely breakfast - of course I fill up with a fry up (well sausage bacon and eggs). Little Mr had 3 bowls of cereal in the end. I think he was loading up too.

Breakfast done, back to the room. Took last load up and we did that final look around seeing if we missed anything. Once done it was time to head over and hand over our tokens (they come out of the arcade machines). Not so little Miss wanted to grab her gifts/prizes.

Mostly closed down this morning

It's quite funny how, for the weekend its a buzz of life in the main areas, then as soon as its turn around day most of the places are closed. It's swap over day so I suppose it's done to disinterest those people going home today and it probably all opens up in the afternoon for the people who are arriving. What it did mean is that we changed over our tickets, went to the loo and got in the car to start for home.

We left around 10:30am I would estimate for the 2 and half hour drive. It can take a bit longer as, although its only 90 miles, its all B roads with some busy A roads. So slow going, unlike just getting on the Motorway. Add to that the bank holiday traffic and we hit a few sticky bits. we managed to dodge some of them, but not all.

We got close to home around 1:30pm but had a stop off to KFC for a spot of lunch - well, holiday weekend hadn't finished until we got home 🙂

Funny thing is that the KFC near us is near a Currys/PC World; and I don't know if they had a sale on but the traffic was manic. We got our food and sat in the car for 20 minutes resting. I wanted to spend some time not in traffic.

Once done, it was drive home which only took 10 minutes and then unload time.

Funny how...

It's funny how, just a weekend away (well 3 nights) can create so much washing. So, it was get home and start unloading, washing, and generally tidying up. It's always good to get home though. It's great going away, but you don't realise how much you miss your home comforts until you get home. Being able to blog from your own computer. Watching your own TV and catch up.

Little Mr was the same, he was straight in his spot with his toys and TV on. Not so little Miss basically disappeared upstairs straight away with her tablet and watching YouTube videos she had missed. We had some things to get on with though.

Time went quite quick really and soon it was time to do some dinner. Just a light dinner really after the food we had eaten - well, to be honest, it was just the kid that ate. I managed to forget how to use the gas hob and managed to singe a few hairs on my hand. O the fun of cooking...

Then it was bath time for little Mr, then not so little Miss.

In the meantime,  Mr was downstairs playing - I was on my computer blogging away at the table and my wife was catching up on her soaps catching up. When she was finished and ready, she was back downstairs bothering me to dry her hair. Usual routines, always fun.

I was glad when it was bedtime, to be honest, I was knackered from the drive and all the things we had to do after. Bedtime for little Mr was 9pm tonight and he was asleep by 9:15pm - just shows how tired he was.

Time for me to do a little more cleaning up...

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